Book Review: Smart Social Media – Your Guide to Becoming a Highly Paid Social Media Manager

Book Review: Smart Social Media – Your Guide to Becoming a Highly Paid Social Media Manager

Just getting my new business off the ground, I thought I could benefit from all the advice I could get.  Lasse Rouhiainen’s book, Smart Social Media: Your Guide To Becoming A Highly Paid Social Media Manager*, proved to have some gems hidden in it. I will capitalize on his advice as I develop a business to help others figure out how to leverage social media.

The book is a quick read at 144 pages with many very short chapters. The chapters contain a number of bullets and headings to help with readability.

Social Media Manager

Rouhiainen begins his book pointing out that business owners need someone to help them navigate social media waters. He sells the notion that the reader (me) can become a social media manager to help clients achieve their social media needs. He taps into insight from other successful social media managers to find out why they like what they do, mistakes to avoid, and other tips for success. I will be referencing this section again as I continue to put my personal plan together.

Facebook Marketing

The next major section of the book focuses on Facebook marketing. Rouhiainen walks the reader through his four steps of Facebook Marketing:

  • Create a content plan
  • Increasing engagement
  • Creating a promotional plan
  • Creating your action plan

In each of these section, Rouhiainen provides useful ideas. Again, I will be referencing this section, as I build my own checklist to help small business owners. Throughout the book, he also provides links to corporate examples that are succeeding as well as links to tools he recommends. Rouhiainen also includes case studies where he provides detail on how other social media managers marketed a business with social media.

There is a section on Facebook advertising where Rouhiainen helps  remove some of the mystery about this marketing tactic.

Video Marketing

Another major section of the book focused on video marketing. Rouhiainen begins with various statistics emphasizing the importance of video marketing. In this section, he again included a number of steps to be successful:

  • Planning
  • Recording
  • Promoting
  • Creating your action plan

In each of these sections, he provided valuable tips for developing the best possible video. These tips range from size of videos to equipment selection. He focuses on issues that will help produce a useful business video.

Other Tips

In the rest of the book, Rouhiainen provides other tips to a successful social media consulting business such as outsourcing, offering courses, and managing other social media platforms. He goes in depth on how to attract first clients; again, he taps into the wisdom of other social media managers.

He closes the book with recommendations for new social media managers along with recommended tools and resources. Many of these tips come from other social media managers and are reflected in the case study interviews.

One drawback of the book was an offer he included; however, it led to an expired link.

Personally, I walked away with a number of ideas that I could leverage in support of my business. I am glad I took time to read it. I will be coming back to it in the near future.

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