Who Knew Clouds Could Print?

Who Knew Clouds Could Print?

Once again, thanks to podcasts−one of my personal learning input feeds, I discovered all about cloud printing. I recently set up a green screen room for some future vodcasting and I plan to put a new computer in the room I just vacated. I, therefore, needed a way to print to the sole printer in the house. Also, Bernadette needed a way to print from her computer. And to add to our list of needs, we also wanted to be able to print from our mobile devices like phones and iPads. 

To my rescue, a recent podcast talked about Google Cloud Printing. Using my Google account, I was able to connect my home and work printer to the cloud. I am now able to print to each of these printers from all of my computers and mobile devices.

In order to create a cloud computer, you must make the connection through your Google Chrome browser. Additionally, I had to add a printer driver to my computer and other devices. For my PCs, I used Paperless Printer, and for my phone I used PrinterShare™ Mobile Print. I am happy with the performance with both of these products. I have not yet installed anything for my iPad.

One of the great things about Google Cloud Printing is the ease which I can share the printer with others. This is a useful solution for teams that must share printers as well as allowing teams to print from the road.

Steve Dotto does a great job walking and talking you through the Google Cloud Printing set up and use.

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