What are our Web Conferencing options?

Larry Jansen and Doug Roehrkasse are talking about Web conferencing capabilities.

Web conferencing personalizes class sessions and meetings, bringing together real-time audio and video communications with presentations options to the session. Larry Jansen, from the Outreach School, will demonstrate the benefits of ClassLive’s real-time web conferencing associated with Outreach-delivered classes. Doug Roehrkasse, from Information Technology, will introduce WyoLync and outline its usefulness for meetings small and large, near and distant.

Do not get hung up on the specific name of the technology, but understand that technologies change; most important is to understand that there is a capability to address your needs.

Why Web conference? It is a real-time meeting place… but online. You can leverage communication, instructional, and presentation technologies. With a Web conference, you can invite in a guest speaker.  You can use a Web conferencing tool to allow students give their presentation.


ClassLive is an integrated component for online class shells. ClassLive has audio and video capability, but limiting. Video takes up a bandwidth. The text chat can be captured, but it is also a great backchannel conversation tool. The whiteboard can present PowerPoint slides, write on the board, draw on the board, show images, etc. There is a capability to guide students on a virtual Web tour. You can also share your desktop or applications to students to show them a process. ClassLive has the capability to have breakout sessions. There are also robust polling and quizzing capabilities to assess student knowledge and opinions. Most importantly, the sessions can be recorded and played back later.


WyoLync is one of our newest Web conferencing tools for UW.  It is cross platform. Lync is integrated with Outlook. You can schedule a meeting through Outlook’s calendar. Students without Lync can join a meeting through a Web browser. There is also a conference call number provided. Lync is capable of sharing desktop, application, PowerPoint, and whiteboard. Lync can record the meetings for others to view. Lync has an instant messaging capability. With Lync, you can also poll participants. WyoLync can support approximately 200 participants. The conference id will always be the same for the individual creating the meeting.  There are applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Web conferencing has challenges. The great appeal of online classes is the time aspect. A Web conference requires real-time scheduling. Not all students can be meet in real time. It would be good to announce that the class is a hybrid class with a real-time session. Web conferencing also requires the capability to juggle technologies and troubleshoot on the fly. Web conferencing is still a technology-mediated experience. It still is a way to get everyone together.

Another good presentation for the University of Wyoming Technology Bootcamp.

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