Learning the business rules of Foursquare

Leveraging Foursquare in downtown Laramie

Learning the business rules of Foursquare
Presentation on Learning the business rules of Foursquare

Yesterday morning, I had the fortunate opportunity to talk to the Downtown Laramie Business Association about using Foursquare for business.

This was the first time speaking with this group and I think it went well. I did learn a couple of things:

1). Ensure that everyone is clear on what is needed for the presentation. I thought I was clear on my need for a projector; however, most of the discussion focused on an Internet connection which could not be provided (Banks are rather strict regarding access to Web sites). As a result, we were scrambling around to find a projector.

2). Confirm the length of the presentation. The day before I was advised on the length of the presentation. Once again, this could have been identified with better communications up front.

3). Always have a plan B and C.  I am glad that I burned my presentations to a CD-ROM and a USB flash drive, I was not able to rely on my Dropbox account.

All in all, the board members seemed to be interested in the subject and had a number of questions. I expect to see more Foursquare usage from a business perspective in Laramie.

Here is the presentation, it is posted on Slideshare.net.

There was one question for which I did not have information. A board member asked about the demographics of Foursquare. After a little research, I was able to find only a couple of sites. Here is one called Foursquare Demographics – Age, Gender, Education.

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