Book review: Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That

As a huge fan of Evernote, I am always on the search to find out how I can squeeze more out of this great program. That is why I was  pleased to find this book, Evernote. Wow! I Didn’t Know It Could Do That.: How-To Tips with Pics* by Garth Scaysbrook. He was able to introduce me to new ways of leveraging Evernote that I had not seen before. Well done! Read more

Book Review: How to Use Evernote for Writing & Research

Whenever I see a book on Evernote, I get pretty excited; I am always looking for new ways to leverage this powerful tool. I just recently picked up a book called How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research* by Nancy Hendrickson. In this book. Hendrickson talked about how to leverage Evernote to organize all her research and writing projects. She explained Evernote was her go to online service for collecting everything, and I wholeheartedly agree. Read more

Show off your team with Instagram and Twitter images

Photographing a sunsetYesterday, I launched an event to showcase the cool things our University of Wyoming Extension employees were doing during the month of October. Here are the details:

For our first Instagram assignment: UWyo Extension, October 2014 (#UWyoExtOct2014)
Show us what you do in support of University of Wyoming Extension on Instagram @uwcesedtech  #UWyoExtOct2014. Take the picture, get all the info — name, position, and location — put it all in the caption, and tag it @uwcesedtech  #UWyoExtOct2014

Please tag photos with those tags on Instagram or Twitter between now and October 31. We will look through and pick photos to be featured.  Remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to participate. This is your chance to share what you do!

-Have fun but also professionally reflect the University of Wyoming Extension.
-Do not post personal information about other people, such as full name, location, address, phone number, etc.
-Share your University of Wyoming Extension story with us and have fun!

When I sent this message out, I fully realized that not everyone knew how to do this. Naturally, someone called me out for more details. Read more

Book Review: Professional Learning In the Digital Age: The Educator’s Guide to User-Generated Learning

As I traveled from conference to conference this spring, I had a opportunity to catch up on some reading. One book I finished was from Kristen Swanson called Professional Learning in the Digital Age: The Educator’s Guide to User-Generated Learning*. This was a relatively short book, weighing in at 112 pages spread over five chapters and five appendices. Read more

Evolution – Likes, Tweets, and Pins

Likes, Tweets, and Pins by Dr. Benjamin George
Likes, Tweets, and Pins by Dr. Benjamin George

Dr. Benjamin George from Utah State University gave a presentation  at the University of Wyoming Evolution Conference on how he uses social media in the classroom. Not only did he explain what he was doing, but he also explained the reasoning behind it. I especially enjoyed his tie into the Media Synchronicity Theory.

Read more