Book review: The Girl on the Train

What a wonderful book to end the year on! I just finished reading The Girl on the Train as part of the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s reading challenge. It satisfied the category of an unreliable narrator or ambiguous ending. When I say “satisfied,” it really fit the bill. I am now eager to see the movie. Bernadette told me there was a movie, I had never heard of it before.

Paula Hawkins’ book, The Girl on the Train, is 336 pages long. There are 38 chapters, each labeled only with a name of a key player in the book. Each chapter focuses on the story told from that individual’s perspective. Interestingly, the perspectives are only women.

The story focuses on solving a murder, a woman is missing. There is a lot of deception weaved into the story. The author tells the story primarily from the perspective of the lead character, Rachel. Rachel is the unreliable narrator because she is an alcoholic who cannot remember much of what has happened. The story unfolds as she pieces together what little memories she has.

Not only does each key player tell their part of the story, but the story also has a timeline that constantly shifts. At times, the story unfolds during the current day but suddenly jumps to the past memories. Some are recent memories and others are further back. At times, it is challenging to know where you are at.

I really enjoyed reading The Girl on the Train and I am looking forward to the movie. If you like mysteries, I think you will enjoy this book. Tonight, I am going to watch the movie.

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