Marine Corps Commandant’s Professional Reading List

Marine Corps Commandant's Professional Reading ListThe United States Marine Corps has done a fantastic job shaping the culture of their organization. They have accomplished this through a number of strategies to include developing a reading list to get members thinking under the same vision. The Commandant’s Professional Reading List is a requirement of all Marines. Each Marine must read three of the books on the lists each year. Commanders at all levels of the organization are responsible for the reading program.

This list is for enlisted Marines of all ranks.

This list is for Marine officers from Midshipman through General.

This list is dedicated to the professional categories. Books listed under professional categories consist of recommended readings to expand understanding in the following areas: Aviation, Counterinsurgency, Cyberwarfare, Leadership, Logistics, Regional and Cultural Studies, Roots of Maneuver Warfare, Strategic Thinking, and Wounded Warrior and Resiliency.

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