Book Review: Google Plus marketing made easy: The complete guide to getting more traffic, more customers and building your brand with Google+

In an effort to learn more about Google+, I had picked up Ryan Bush’s book, Google Plus Marketing Made Easy: The Complete Guide to Getting More Traffic, More Customers and Building your Brand with Google+*. It is available as a kindle book. The book is a very quick read; each section is only a couple of pages. The information Bush provided is useful but not really unique.

Bush provided instructions for creating an account and setting up a profile. He did stress to consider your business as you are fleshing out your profile. He recommended connecting your profile to your other accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also include your blogs your profile so that you can get tied into Google’s authorship markup.

The author also addressed circles and how to use them in a business context. Bush provided a list of circles to create to support your business endeavors. He followed this up with strategies to find Google+ contacts. Included in this strategy is a list of useful links to Google+ directories. These links were a useful treasure. He also provided useful instructions for importing Facebook contacts. It is obvious that Google and Facebook are not close friends based on his instructions. I tried them and they do work great.

The book also included Google Chrome extension resources that enhance how Google+ works. These extensions allow you to share content from Google+ to other social media sites, respond to comments without entering Google+, and personalize your Google+ experience.

When Bush wrote this book, Google+ pages were just introduced. He provided some insight into their benefits and pointed out concerns at the time; however, I would have liked to see more written about pages and how to exploit them.

Finally, Bush talked about the importance of Google+1. He mentioned how to integrated the +1 on your different sites, and how to solicit for +1 feedback. Google has tightly integrated +1’s throughout its operations. +1’s will actually get you more traffic. Here is more information on this topic: +1 on non-Google sites

All in all, I did walk away with a few new tools in my toolbox. You can’t beat the price.

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