Nice when standards are clarified

Over the weekend, I attended the University of Wyoming College of Education EdD Spring Residency 2011. This workshop focused on the graduate students in the Adult Learning and Technology Department. While the agenda was pretty straight forward, learning about the graduate program and its requirements, I walked away with so much more. Most importantly, I came away with a better sense of what needed to complete my degree program. The faculty took time to clarify misconceptions, and stressed not only what the standards were but how to achieve them.

The faculty spent a considerable amount of time going through the doctoral handbook. They went into detail on how to select a committee, get a program of study, the difference between the general exams and the portfolio tracks, and the assessments necessary towards degree completion.

One thing they foot-stomped repeatedly throughout the weekend was that extensive writing and rewriting would be required. Rewriting was essential to degree completion. Rewriting would be necessary in writing the prospectus, possible the preliminary exam, and through the dissertation process. They wanted everyone to be clear that this was strictly business and not personal. I walked away confident that the faculty wanted everyone to succeed.

I was given an opportunity to demonstrate Zotero, a citation management tool. I had fun doing the session, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Overall, it was a great weekend for both learning and networking. I recommend this workshop to all my graduate classmates.