Flip your class

I just finished reading an inspiring idea for teaching, reverse the process of a traditional class. In the article, The Backward Class, a teacher has reversed the sessions for lecture and homework. Basically, in the evening prior to class, Stacey Roshan has her students review videos she created on the lesson to be discussed; the students take notes on a PowerPoint handout. Then in class, she has students ask questions and works on problem sets with her oversight and assistance.

A similar idea was used at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School. Each class at the Prep School had a detailed syllabus which outline which homework problems we had to do and when they were do. They typically had to be work prior to the “lecture.” In reality, the in class period was focused on working more problems under instructor oversight. So, basically, we taught ourselves how to do the problems the night prior to class, and then in class we could ask intelligent questions regarding the assignment.  At least, we hope they were intelligent.

I believe this process helped shape me into a self-directed, lifelong learner.

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