How does intelligence relate to education?

This is a continuation on Lindeman’s book, The Meaning of Adult Education*. In this short section, Lindeman addresses intelligence and its role in education.

Basically, Lindeman sees intelligence as a filtering device that everyone has. “Intelligence is the ability to learn, the capacity to solve problems, to utilize knowledge in evolving, continuing accommodations to changing environments” (Lindeman, 1989, p. 17). Each person uniquely gathers information and facts and makes meaning from them by drawing associations between these facts and pieces of information. They also relate these facts and information to their personal experiences. Intelligence filters information through a fact-finding lens, a lens shaped by the experiences and values of the individual. As a result, two individuals could distill a different set of facts from the same situation. Because each situation is different, the information and facts vary from one to the other.  The resulting matrix of facts to individual to situation would be incomprehensible.

An intelligent people understands the hows and whys of what they want to do, They must build upon that through experimentation. Because each person understands a situation differently based on their background and experiences, it is important as educators to allow each individual the room to develop their intelligence; we must allow them to learn independently.

Lindeman, E. (1989). The meaning of adult education. Norman, OK.: Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher Education.

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