Back in the Groove with

Back in the Groove with Paper.liI have been a huge fan of I really enjoyed having my daily “newspapers” come to me in my email on the topics I was interested in. However, they changed their business model and I no longer received my expected emails. As a result, I started to miss out on my news. I then discovered something. If you are missing your news, this may help you. Read more

Let IFTTT Pull Together Your Daily Reading List

Let IFTTT Pull Together Your Daily Reading ListLast week, I was listening to an Entrepreneur on Fire episode where the speaker indicated that he use IFTTT to pull everything happening in the world of importance into Slack for his team to use. In this post, I am going to show you how to use IFTTT as a learning tool. We are going to pull together content together from your favorite learning sites into Evernote. You can then review this content in a daily read file. Read more

#nexconf Presentations: Directions for improving Wyoming Extension online course presence

Course completions for TAMUAs I mentioned in a previous post, I had a rewarding time while at the Nation Extension Conference. Three of the sessions I attended focused on building and delivering online courses. Basically, I was looking for ideas to make this a reality in the University of Wyoming Extension program.

Presentations viewed

Here are the presentations I attend along with more information about those sessions:

Here is what I walked away with:

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What is on the Horizon Report for 2014?

2014 NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education
2014 NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education

It is that time of the year when the New Media Consortium comes out with its Horizon Report. Each year, I look forward to reading this report because it lets me know if I am keeping pace with ever-changing instructional technologies. The 2013 report radically differed from the 2012 report in terms of trends being reported. In the 2014 report, only three of six important developments were repeated from the 2013 report.  Read more

A look at some high-speed reading lists

BooksWhat you do and how you do it are largely shaped by what you learn. One of the ways you can learn is through professional reading. Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin were avid readers. While in the Air Force, we were encouraged to read the books on the Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List. If you check out my book reviews, you can tell that I also find reading is important. Reading lists can help ground you in a vision that leaders have for an organization. Here is a consolidated list of reading lists from key leaders, innovators, and organizations. It is a good place to start if you are trying to find something to read over the break and into the new year. I am going to start with the first reading list I became aware of. (** – books I have read) Read more