Book reviews, Social Media

Book Review: The YouTube Marketing Book

A number of podcasts I listen to featured James Wedmore talk about better marketing through YouTube. Because of these discussions, I was interested in learning more so I was happy to find his book, The YouTube Marketing Book*. Wedmore has managed to develop a rather lucrative business creating, distributing, and marketing YouTube videos. Because I want to better help small…

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Instruction Strategies

Evolution – Accessibility Update

One of the more important presentations given at the 2013 University of Wyoming Evolution Conference was by members of the University Disability Support Services (UDSS)staff. Chris Primus, Casey Wood, and Brynn Elliott talked about the importance of making digital resources accessible. They stressed the importance of planning for accessible resources before they were needed. They focused on four areas: video captioning, Universal…

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Tool Review, Using Technology

Tool Review: Sizer

This will be my first tool review as part of Jane Hart’s 10 Tool Challenge. This tool is called Sizer. Very simply, Sizer resizes a computer window to the dimensions that you previously specify. This is important if you are doing screencasts or screen captures, and you want all windows to be the same size. Yesterday, I wrote a little bit about…

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