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For educators: 6 books on gamification in education

For educators: 6 books on gamification in educationWhy do we have to make life and learning such a chore? Effectively applying gaming elements to learning can help make it more fun and lead to better results. Gamification is the application of gaming elements to an otherwise mundane task. This collection of books can help you get on the right path. Read the rest of this entry

Marine Corps Commandant’s Professional Reading List

Marine Corps Commandant's Professional Reading ListThe United States Marine Corps has done a fantastic job shaping the culture of their organization. They have accomplished this through a number of strategies to include developing a reading list to get members thinking under the same vision. The Commandant’s Professional Reading List is a requirement of all Marines. Each Marine must read three of the books on the lists each year. Commanders at all levels of the organization are responsible for the reading program.
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100+ Books on How to Use Evernote

100+ Books on How to Use Evernote
Since Evernote came out, I have been a user and a huge fan. Over the years, I have read a number of books about how to get the most out of Evernote.

The Pinterest board I have included below contains 100+ books with a 3 or higher rating on Amazon. If you are interested in using Evernote, these books will help you get on the right path. There are books for the absolute beginner to books that show how to use Evernote for writing, business, genealogy, research, productivity, time management, lawyers, pastors, etc.

Additionally, I have begun a Pinterest board on different Evernote tips and ideas.

Finally, for years, I have been collecting articles about Evernote on my Diigo site. Here are the various categories I am working on:

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Scrivener Books and Tools

Scrivener Books and Tools
For the past half of a year, I have been working on a book. As I have come to learn, it is a huge undertaking; however, the process has been made much easier with a wonderful program called ScrivenerScrivener allows me to focus on the writing process. It has helped me to easily outline and write my book as well as manipulate sections. With Scrivener, I can easily rearrange sections of the book. Scrivener is much easier to use than writing in a normal word processor.  Writing my dissertation would have been much easier had I used Scrivener. To get the most out of Scrivener, you will have to take some time to learn it. Personally, I purchased Scrivener Superpowers: How to Use Cutting-Edge Software to Energize Your Creative Writing Practice to help me learn it. The book was a huge help.

This list includes links to the Scrivener program for both Windows and Mac as well as to a collection of books to help learn how to use the program. There are other books that show you how to write a novel using Scrivener. A good book can put you on the fast track. If you are a writer, I recommend Scrivener, also one of these books may help you get your next book published quicker.

Adult Learning and Adult Education Reading List

Adult Learning and EducationWhen I was a student working on my doctorate at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Michael Day and the other faculty had put together a recommended reading list on adult education and adult learning. I personally tried to collect and read as many of these books as I could. Here are books from that list. Over time, I intend to expand the list with other gems as I find them.